Woodlawn Wedding published in VIP Alexandria

Katherine and Chris have the most unlikely of wedding stories and you can read it in the VIP Alexandria!  Pick up a print copy at one of 250+ local stores or online here.  This couple was such a joy to work with before, during and after the wedding!  I get so invested in my couples and want them to have an incredible wedding day experience.  But even more I want them to have plenty of pictures, so they remember every bit of the love and celebration!  Our memories are directly tied to our pictures.  The pictures are so important.  And this day was amazing; I know they’ll never forget it!

While Woodlawn has been around a while – the home had a romantic start as a wedding gift from George Washington to his granddaughter – it’s only very recently evolved into one of the very best wedding venues in Alexandria and all of northern Virginia and Washington, DC.  The historic mansion is stunning backdrop for a wedding ceremony, especially with lovely white flowers in a moon arch.  And guests can tour the historic home during the cocktail hour, which is held in a cozy garden courtyard with a foundation and cafe lights strung across.  Dinner is served in a permanent tent with tabby concrete floor and chandeliers.  The grounds and home are gorgeous for pictures in so many nooks and crannies, inside and out.

If you’re searching for the best wedding venue in northern Virginia to make once in a lifetime memories, this is one to visit!  And one venue I hope to be photographing many more weddings at in the years to come!

You can see more pictures of this Woodlawn wedding here.

VIP Alexandria

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One Year Old – Monica – Jacksonville Florida Family Photographer

How precious is sweet one year old Monica?! This is her one year old portrait session at the Cummer Garden in Jacksonville, FL, and she was a little rock star. She seemed to know how to pose and work the camera already.  She’s just about to take her first steps and while she so wants to be independent and walking around, she still needs her mommy and daddy’s hands.  So she took a hold of their fingers and off they went!  Such a happy girl and so much fun to photograph! 

07Jacksonville FL Child Photographer
09Jacksonville FL Child Photographer
17Jacksonville FL Child Photographer
26Jacksonville FL Child Photographer
27Jacksonville FL Child Photographer
34Jacksonville FL Child Photographer
36Jacksonville FL Child Photographer
39Jacksonville FL Child Photographer
51Jacksonville FL Child Photographer
64Jacksonville FL Child Photographer
68Jacksonville FL Child Photographer
69Jacksonville FL Child Photographer
79Jacksonville FL Child Photographer
80Jacksonville FL Child Photographer

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My Nieces are Growing up! – Jacksonville, FL childrens photogapher

My twin nieces just turned 7, how the years fly by!  I wanted to use the formal dress and fascinator that I took pictures of London in, a few years ago.  So they had those special pictures too, before their top teeth started falling out. And just in time! Indy lost her first top tooth a few days later! Such precious girls, it’s a joy to watch them grow.  And they are getting better at cooperating for pictures and it’s becoming more and more fun too!   It’s always worth the effort to have these beautiful pictures of them.  Kids change so fast, you can never have too many pictures! 

IMG_9500 24BW
IMG_9584 BW
IMG_9649 BW
IMG_9702 BW
IMG_9784 BW

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Extended Family Group Pictures – Washington DC Photographer

Just getting extended family all in one place from around the country is a massive feat.  But I’m so glad we could capture this family together in one big family portrait.  It meant so much to the grandparents to have these pictures and I know all the grandchildren will treasure these family pictures all their lives too!
The larger family picture was printed on art velvet paper and in a cherry 10×20 frame.  It came ready to hang to keep things easy and it looks beautiful!  And what fun to have all the kids together too so the grandparents can look at all those sweet faces every day! I know it will make them smile every time they see that framed print too!
Family pictures aren’t easy, but oh so worth taking!

01 Washington DC Family photo
02 Washington DC Family photo

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Fairfax VA Family Photographer – Brothers at Green Spring Garden

I’ve been photographing these two boys since they were babies and it warms my heart that they always remember their fall family photo session as fun.  They are growing up before our eyes as they turn into tweens.  This year we explored Green Spring Gardens, a Fairfax County park, for our scenic photo backdrop.  I sure hope these handsome boys always look forward to taking family pictures!

09Fairfax VA Kids photo
22 - 2019Fairfax VA Kids photo
26 - 2019Fairfax VA Kids photo
31 - 2019Fairfax VA Kids photo
33 - 2019Fairfax VA Kids photo
43Fairfax VA Kids photo

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