Washington DC Fall Family Photos

I always enjoy catching up with families I photograph over the years. Though the kids seem to grow up awfully fast! 🙂 This young man is incredibly talented, it’s always interesting to hear what he’s up to and in to.

I also love that this family orders large canvas wall portraits, as well as collages. They come matted and framed and ready to hang (more info here). They enjoy their portraits as art on their walls they see every day. I always encourage printing and displaying over spending the same amount on the digital files that rarely are printed or even viewed.

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Washington DC Family Photographer – fall garden photos

This family I had the pleasure to catch up with this fall, for photos in DC, is another longtime client. I’ve photographed them since Claire was a toddler and it’s been an honor to capture their family in photos every year or two since. She can share her mom’s clothes now, but will she be as tall as her mom for their next family photo session? And maybe mom will have published her second book too! Can’t wait to hear what they’ve been up to next time I see them!

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Washington DC Family Photographer – Cousins turn One!

These cousins, in their adorable matching outfits complete with suspenders are going to grow up the best of friends! These photos are to celebrate turning One!

Reading books to small kids makes for a great way to interact, grab their attention, and keep them still for a moment – and make for sweet family moment photos. Once they are mobile, toddlers want to GO! Crawling, climbing, walking – so much to explore. Props can also work, a favorite toy that you don’t mind included in the picture, or something seasonal, like theses cute pumpkins. But most give us a run for our money to keep them happy and at least moving in the right direction toward the camera. But it’s all worth it for these adorable faces captured in photos!

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Alexandria Family Photos – First Birthday

Turning One is a great reason for a family photo session! Capturing pictures of milestones is something you’ll never regret! You don’t realize how quickly your children change and grow until you look back at those previous family photos.

Capturing a moment in time for a growing family is such an honor! And Old Town Alexandria is always a great choice for a beautiful location.
When children are shy, I photograph that sweet snuggle of safety in a parents arms. When a child has a lot of energy, running toward the camera is always an active option. And parents can be included in the background, proudly looking on.

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Maryland Backyard Family Photos

I always love seeing this family! I photographed their wedding, and all boys as newborns, and now get to catch up and see how the boys have grown for family pictures each year. The last few years we’ve used their beautiful backyard which works well with small active kids. And it’s so special that they include grandparents for family photos, such a great idea to have wonderful pictures of them with the grandkids as well! You’ll have to scroll down to the last picture. When we DON’T need the kids in the picture, they are right underfoot. Of course!

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