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My friend, Cydil, came from Kentucky to shoot Jenn and Bill’s wedding with me.  While she was in town with her family it was the perfect time for an attempt an an updated family photo, which is always a challenge with multiple kids and without an extra person to help entertain them.  But I managed to get a few shots with everyone looking at the camera (probably when the toy airplane was on my head).  I love the colors that Cydil coordinated in their outfits.  I often tell clients when they don’t know where to start with the wardrobe, to pick one person’s outfit first and build the rest around it.  Cydil found Elle’s outfit and loved the colors so then she found clothes that coordinated for everyone else. It’s also a great exmple of how a little bit of pattern can work for group pictures.

You may remember the shoot last summer when Reni was still a little jet lagged from his move half way around the world.  He was much more himself this time, which also means he didn’t stop moving!  He’s a charmer with his quick smile, and up for any adventure.  Both he and big sister Ellie have grown so much in the last year!

Don’t worry, Dad was close by, but Reni thought it was great fun to walk on the trough.  He really doesn’t let a lack of joints slow him down in any way! (he was born without his lower legs)

Ellie is currently very interested in birds, hence the feather from vacation in her hair.  She enjoyed the bird exhibit at the National Zoo too with dad and Reni while Cydil and I worked.  

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