Fairfax Virginia Newborn Photography – Welcome Jackson

Sweet Jackson is the latest addition to this adorable family! Everyone is thoroughly smitten! When you photograph a couple for their engagement and wedding, and then their newborns, and growing family over the years, it’s a special honor and joy to be part of celebrating all these important moments!

Jackson was the sweetest little newborn model, sleeping and smiling and posing for me. It really doesn’t get any cuter! It’s still a multi-hour process, but oh so worth it for these pictures! It’s all baby led, so it can be a slow process to keep them sleepy and comfortable and eased into different outfits and poses. And having older siblings to hold baby brother also makes for the sweetest pictures!

Adjusting to a new baby at home is a lot, and adding in a day of photos can seem like too much. But babies grow and change so fast. They are only newborn for a couple of weeks (I try to catch them before they are 2 weeks old), so this is a brief time to capture something so special. And the pictures are just so beautiful, there’s nothing like them, it’s truly a once in a lifetime moment.

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