Giving Back

I was introduced to the work of the Mercy Ships ( when I was a teenager and have always been both fascinated by the concept and in awe of the way their simple service can transform a life.   (I considered volunteering on a ship for a year, but instead ended up in DC after college and haven’t left.)

The ship is a floating hospital serving the worlds poorest population (currently focusing on Africa) that would otherwise never receive life-saving medical care.  Since 1978 they have visited 581 ports and performed over 74,000 surgeries – all at no cost to the patients.  Because more than 75% of the world’s population lives within 100 miles of a port, this is an incredibly effective way to reach those in need.

The Africa Mercy ship serves a population where over 50% would never have access to a doctor or hospital.  They remove tumors, give sight to the blind, correct clefts, fix fractures, and more.  This type of care, which seems basic in the US, is life-changing and quite often life-saving.

When booking a package with jan michele photography for your wedding, you’ll be personally contributing to this wonderful work.  A donation in your names will be made as follows:

  • With the Peony package – to give a clef palate or lip surgery so a child can eat properly and look normal so they are accepted in society.
  • With the Rose package – to give dental care.
  • With the Daisy package – to give two eye exams.