Arlington Cemetery – Arlington Virginia Photographer

Last weekend I went to Arlington Cemetery for a client, to take pictures of a special site they were not able to visit in person, but wanted to remember.  I was honored to do that for them.

Being in such a somber, peaceful place gives life a sense of perspective.  It’s more about the whole, the big picture, not the stresses of today.  And the balance of beauty and pain that gives life such depth.

As I see the old trees and the beautiful fall color in Arlington Cemetery, I also can’t help but think of the history of the land, before it was a cemetery.  One of the more interesting biographies I’ve read was about Mary Custis Lee, Mrs. Robert E.Lee: The Lady of Arlington.  Beginning with her childhood growing up at Arlington House in the heart of the Washington social scene to the pain of the family as they lost their beloved home to the cemetery during the Civil War, it offers a new look at a well-known place.

(Note, the pictures below were taken in a different section of the cemetery to protect the family’s privacy.)

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