Arlington VA Child Portrait Photographer – Gabriel

When Gabriel’s mom warned me that he was “active for his age”, I expected the worst, but thankfully it turns out he’s a little ham and loved the camera! – Just as long as his parent’s didn’t try to get into the picture and steal the spotlight, of course. I don’t think any one or two year old takes well to being constrained. So, patience, time, and realistic expectations are the key ingredients for a successful toddler portrait shoot.
Gabriel is a beautiful boy and it was so much fun to catch up with his parents, as I was their wedding photographer a few years ago for their Washington DC wedding. You can find some of their wedding pictures here. I just love their old DC church, St. Dominic’s, it’s gorgeous!
And now, here’s their blue-eyed boy! Isn’t he a cutie with those curls!? His mom did a great job dressing him too, I love those fall colors in his sweater. And I think the red did bring out his lips and cheeks, good job Susan!
Washington DC Child portrait
portrait of a smiling little boy
Arlington VA child portrait photographer
picture of child at National Cathedral
picture of child at Washington National Cathderal
little by at Washington National Cathedral
Washington National Cathedral Child portrait photographer

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