Baguio, Philippines

Sarah and I, along with two other missionary wives (Joy and Amy) took the plane over to Baguio for a day of shopping. Baguio is on the top of a mountain. It’s cool with no humidty, making it a popular vacation location. Unfortunately the car/bus/jeepney exhaust keeps all the roads full of black smoke. Sarah and I shopped in the market in the morning, went to the mall for lunch at our favorite Chinese place Mann Hann, went to Easter Weaving to see the weavers work, went to Mines View for the view and more shopping, then stopped by the Botanical Gardens on the way back. We went to dinner at O Mai Khan, a Mongolian Barbaque place. We spent the night at Doane Rest, a guest house owned by another mission organization. Then back on the plane this morning. It was a short but fun trip. This large traditional capiz shell Christmas decoration, called a parol, was my splurge purchase for myself. 🙂

Here’s the slideshow of our trip.

This is the Stallsmith’s house and if you look closely you can see Molly and Ida, the helper, out waving goodby to us. The little house I’m staying in is next door.

These are some of the many rice fields we flew over. The view was fantastic!

We shopped and shopped for bargains in the market – till we ran out of pesos! Here Sarah is buying asparagus, something you can’t find in Bagabag.

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