Beautiful Backyard Wedding

Yes, this post has 50 images, almost all wedding details. I know that sounds crazy, but I think you’ll enjoy every single one!

My friend Cydil of Cydil Waggoner Photography came to DC to shot Jenn and Bill’s wedding with me in August.  I reciprocated by going to Kentucky to shoot a backyard wedding with her.  When she first described what her clients had planned, a sort of open barn filled with chandeliers, it sounded like quite a vision.  And it didn’t disappoint! The atmosphere was positively magical.

This wedding was a labor of love from an entire family.  From a wedding planner brother, and dad willing to build their design, this bride was clearly loved by her parents and 3 older brothers who all worked together for months and months to transform the backyard.  I think I heard the figure  of 1,300 candles that it  took a team of volunteers to light.  And I’m not sure there was a spot that wasn’t filled with flowers or crystals.  I could go on and on with all the special details of this day, these pictures just scratch the surface.

(note: all these images were taken by Jan for Cydil Waggoner Photography)

The bride’s jewelry:

The cake was so tall – and the icing was tinted with 24 carat gold! 

To go with the pink theme, the bride found this couch to use as a fun prop for pictures.

The first dance was choreographed and included gold shoes.

Fortunately they were able to cut the cake without knocking it over!

Not only was it beautiful, but tasty too – and I sampled every flavor: pistachio, almond, orange and something with coconut. 

This father daughter dance was extra special.  This dad worked so hard to make his daughter’s wedding fulfill all her dreams and created this beautiful structure himself (which he will take down after the wedding).  He was so sweet and even on the wedding day was offering to do anything needed to pull off the final details.  I don’t think this family got much sleep the week of the wedding! 

Isn’t this one of the most special weddings you’ve ever seen?  Certainly puts new meaning in the definition of a “backyard wedding”!

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