Corporate Headshot Photographer Alexandria, VA – Mary

I consider myself a “people photographer” which means I love capturing special moments for people from their wedding day to their newborn babies – who then grow and change and need to have their sweet faces captured in print.  As part of these portrait sessions I want to show people themselves at their best, preserving special memories for them from that point in time.

A great headshot is an extension of the same idea.  Your best self to show the world, from your company website to social media to your spouse’s desk.  Recently I enjoyed working with Mary on a new headshot for both business and personal use.  Makeup artist, Cameron Tull, and I met Mary at her home in Alexandria and set up a little studio right in her family room.  I also often go to client’s offices if they have space to set up there.  And with some companies I photograph several employees on the same day.  So if you need a new headshot or your company needs to bring a photographer in for new headshots for several people, give me a call (or see more info on headshots here) and I’ll give everyone a portrait they will happily show to the world.  Here is the lovely Mary:

04 Alexandria VA Headshot Photographer
06 Alexandria VA Headshot Photographer

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