Frankfurt, Germany and Corregidor, Philippines

On my way to the Philippines, I had a 12 hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see a little of Germany, plus I’d get a stamp in my passport if I left the airport. So, not knowing a single word of German but with a few tips on which trains to take, I ventured out. I went to the zoo first and then walked around at the main downtown stop and happened upon the Christmas bazar in the square. The only sign in this picture that means anything to me is the one with the U as that was one of the trains I took. Somehow I managed to take the right trains in the right directions on the first try. The strangest thing about the train system is that you don’t have to show a ticket your to ride. I guess it’s all on the honor system. Here’s a slideshow of Germany.

My first day in Manila Glenn, Sarah, the girls(Catherine, Madeline and Molly)and I took a boat over for a tour of Corregidor Island. It was a significant spot in many wars as it is located at the entrance to Manila Bay. The Spanish Lighthouse remains, but all the buildings built by the Americans during World War II are crumbling. This picture is of the movie theater that once entertained thousands of American soldiers. We had lunch at the hotel on the Island. The drink is buko pandan (translated young coconut and leaf – the coconut you can see, the green color is from a leaf). Here’s a slideshow of Corregidor.

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