General Georges Sada

I read a ton, but occasionally a book really stands out. This time it’s Saddam’s Secrets by former Iraqi General Georges Sada. It’s the other side of the story told from someone on the inside with the same perspective we have.

General Sada was “retired” 20 years ago, however, that didn’t keep Saddam from reactivating him when he needed someone to tell him the truth. One of those times was for the invasion of Kuwait. Reading about the widespread destruction Saddam planned and his delusion about his power in the world is really frightening. General Sada was trusted by Saddam because he was a Christian and told the truth, which often meant saying things that could have cost him his life.

General Sada said that the reason he wrote the book was to tell the truth about Weapons of Mass Destruction, which he knows existed and were transported to Syria. He still lives in Baghdad and has been instrumental in protecting religious freedom in the Irqai Constitution and in establishing the new government. He has a hopeful spirit about Iraq that you don’t find very often. It’s a fascinating account, I highly recommend the read!

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