Google’s New Wedding Planning Tools

I have to share Google’s latest and greatest addition (is there anything Google doesn’t do??), just introduced last week. It’s a new set of Google Docs templates to help couples stay organized with wedding planning – everything from the wedding day schedule to gifts. Style Me Pretty, the blog for everything weddings, has helped out by lending some of their favorite wedding vendors to offer tips on many of the documents. After all, it never hurts to have an expert’s advice on important decisions like choosing a venue, the cake or especially the photographer. 🙂

Wedding planning can quickly become an overwhelming task, but with these documents, everything you can think of is covered. Perhaps the most helpful and time-saving is an address book that allows you to request your guests fill out a pretty form to collect all the info you need for the invitations. Instant spreadsheet without any typing on your end!

The more I look through the templates, and documents, the more amazed I am. They really thought of everything! Another valuable tool is a budget calculator to guide decision making and make sure every dollar is accounted for. With so many tempting wedding details to splurge on, a budge worksheet insures that one part of the wedding doesn’t take more than it’s designated share. Just plug in your numbers and all the math is done for you.

Any of these documents you choose to use are stored on-line by Google so you can access them anytime, from anywhere. How handy is that? All these tools make staying organized easy and fun, whether you enjoy keeping track of the details, or not!

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