Happy Honeymooners – Washington DC Wedding Photography

I just had to post this note from Tara and Brian (with their permission). They are on their honeymoon in Bermuda and enjoying reliving their wedding day through their pictures, I think. 🙂
It totally makes my day, maybe my week, to receive an e-mail like this!

Jan –
I have to tell you – Brian and I pulled out our phones after dinner
just in case and I saw your email and he literally grabbed his laptop
and RAN to the front desk lounge area, which is the only place in the
hotel that has wifi, and we just spent the last two hours pouring
through every single picture and watching the slide show about six
times!!! SOOOO incredible!!! Then other hotel guests started watching
the slideshow with us and they sat through the whole thing twice with
us too – hahah! We love everything so much – every single picture came
out so wonderfully – there is not a bad one in the bunch.
You did SUCH an amazing job,truly. And – THANK YOU so much for encouraging
all the veil shots –
once I saw them, they became the new favorites. 🙂
We are so thrilled! Thank you!!!
Talk to you soon –
Tara and Brian

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