Hotel Monaco Washington DC Wedding Photographer – Emily and Tomas’s Wedding Story

I finished Emily and Tomas’s album today and it’s beautiful! Emily picked such vibrant colors and they really make the album bright and cheerful.
After see the pictures of her pink Peony bouquet all week, I couldn’t resist buying a few for a vase on my desk. As a side note, Peonies were also the Reagan’s favorite flowers and to remind Nancy Reagan of when they were available for arrangements at the White House, someone gave her a needlepoint pillow that said “Peonies Bloom in May”. For some reason I think of that pillow every time I think of Peonies. Must be a trivia point from one of the many White House tours I’ve taken.
Back to the album. This book is also the first landscape book I’ve designed (16×12) and I must say the images fit nicely on pages that size. To see the design, click here.

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