Introducing Lincoln!

I’m being accused of neglecting my newest nephew on my blog, so without further ado, I must introduce Lincoln! He was born on Saturday and portraits should be coming in a few days.

Here he is about an hour and a half old, right before his bath. The hospital where he was born keeps the babies in the room at all times so we could hold his hands and comfort him while he was getting checked out, measured, weighted and all. He was a hefty 10 pounds 3 ounces yet seems slimmer framed than Lenox who was 5 ounces lighter. At first we thought that Lincoln looked completely different than Lenox did at birth, but looking back at Lenox’s baby pictures we’ve seen many more similarities than differences. And, as the days go by, they look even more alike.

A very eager big brother came the next morning to meet Lincoln.
Lenox immediately covered him with hugs and kisses. He loves to hold his baby brother.
Family of four.

And one with Lincoln and me, taken by Susan.

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