Jacksonville FL Beach Photographer ~ Lenox and Lincoln

Time for the annual nephew beach pictures. 🙂 Sadly, it’s been a really rainy week at the beach, but the sun peaked out enough last evening for some beautiful shots of the two sweetest boys.
Lenox is 2 and a half and Lincoln is 7 months. Lenox is a detail oriented boy who loves puzzles. He’s been excited to help Grammy and Aunt Jan on the 1,000 piece puzzles this summer. If you point him in the right direction with pieces he can put them together. What an amazing boy, if I do say so myself. 🙂 Lincoln is super energetic, I may not be able to catch him next summer! Right now he’s at my favorite stage to photograph, he can sit well but can’t get away from me.

Jacksonville FL beach photographerThe boys adore each other,
though sometimes that looks a little uncomfortable on Lincoln’s end.

Jacksonville FL childrens photographer
Crescent Beach photographer
beach photographer

childrens beach photographyLincoln still has his funny wrinkled nose smile, and is finally getting some teeth.

I still love his profile!
Lenox is “feeding the geese”.

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