Jacksonville Florida Children’s Photographer ~ Lenox and Lincoln

It’s appropriate that the first post on my new blog is my adorable nephews!  I feel I’m long overdue for some new cute pictures, so I know all my blog readers have missed them too! Right?

We went to the Cummer Gardens in Jacksonville FL for a quick shoot last week.  Growing up I went on many tours of the Cummer Art Gallery, and being able to play in the gardens afterwards made it all worth it.  These pictures don’t show much of the formal gardens or the enormous and ancient live oak tree in the center, but believe me it’s a pretty place!  My goal for these pictures were to make it fun for the boys and I think we were successful since Lenox’s report of the shoot was that he had fun at the park.  I’m hoping to foster the idea that pictures are fun, leading to better cooperation in the future, since these boys will be subject to a lifetime of photo shoots!

Wherever we go, if there’s a map available Lenox, and hence Lincoln too, needs one. Look how long Lenox’s legs are, he’s growing up too fast! Lenox is 3 1/2 and Lincoln is 18 months.

Our sweet boy with the big brown eyes.  He can look at you so adoringly with those eyes, it just melts your heart!

These boys are so sweet together, Lenox is an attentive big brother and takes care of Lincoln – as much as Lincoln will allow him to anyway.

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