Jacksonville Florida Portrait Photographer – Nephews with new puppy

Finally, it’s time for a new pictures of the nephews (check back on Thursday for a few more).  Yay!  I really enjoyed spending a lot of time with these little guys over the holidays.  Lincoln is talking so much (it’s adorable! is it crazy that I think two year olds are at a really cute stage?), and Lenox is an aspiring photographer (it was so hard not to laugh as he directed his shots, he knew exactly what he wanted).  They are growing up so fast!  And, they have a new puppy, Lilly, who made her modeling debut.  She’s a teeny tiny and very sweet little thing and is really good with the boys (and most of the time they are good with her!). She already fetches and comes when she’s called.  But, two boys and a puppy are a challenge to photograph as not everyone would cooperate at the same time, of course!  But lots of cuteness all the same!

And note that Jacksonville, Florida had fall color this year, just in time for winter!

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