Central Kentucky is absolutely gorgeous with the horse farms and rolling hills. It’s also the home of my wonderful alma mater, Asbury College. I enjoyed spending a few days in the area last week with my good friend from college and fellow photographer, Cydil and her family. I took a few pictures of her family, and in exchange, she took a few of me. Since we are normally the one holding the camera, it’s not often that we get to be on the other side of the lens! And I do always say that everyone needs a good picture of themselves. 🙂
These pictures were taken at Waveland, originally owned by Daniel Boone.

We first went into the town of Nicholasville for my pictures, but I’ll share these with the huge hay bail. Never having lived in the county, the fields and hay are sort of a novelty. 🙂 So here, rarely seen on my blog, is me!

Thanks to Cydil (Cydil Waggoner Photography) for the pictures!

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