Las Vegas

I’m in Las Vegas for the annual Wedding and Portrait Photographers International annual convention. I’ve come early for a 2 day workshop, then a business institute before all the main speakers and trade show start. It’s information overload for sure!
While the true “sin city” aspect of Vegas is not so appealing to me, it is a fascinating place and quite surreal with all the lights at night. My favorite thing is the Bellagio Fountain, right across the street. It’s a spectacular musical show! Even my wide angle lens doesn’t do justice to how wide and how high the water is.
That little speck at the top is the moon.

Fountain outside Paris:

I’m staying at Ballys and this was the view from my first room. As happened to me two years ago (at a different hotel) the first night I ended up in a suite since the hotel was sold out. I didn’t mind a bit! Though it is hard to move to a regular room after enjoying the luxury of a suite about the size of my house! The best part of the suite is you’re mostly isolated from the typical hotel noise of people in the halls and doors slamming.

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