Lenox – 19 months

I recently returned from a few weeks of visiting my family in the rainy state, formerly known as the sunshine state. I don’t think it has every rained so much in one place! Since our lake was at its lowest level, ever, in May, I’d say we’re making up for decades of drought.
However, rainy evenings do not make for nice pictures. Add a 19 month old boy, wonderful as his is :), to the mix and I’m amazed we have anything salvageable! You’d think he’d be a professional model at this point, but apparently he still needs a little training. 🙂
To give you an idea of how much Lenox has grown in 11 months, compare these images (photo credit to Susan):
Of course the smiles are better on the night when we didn’t plan to take pictures!

The next evening, it was his Mr. Serious face.
A few “smirky” smiles.

Chasing away the birds.

His vocabulary is increasing every day, I think we stopped counting at about 70 words. One of his earliest words was shoes, but as you may be able to tell by his lips, it comes out more like “ooshhh” He wants everyone wearing their shoes at all times and didn’t like that we kept taking them off during his shoot, so he’s bringing my shoes back to me.
The family shoot was crazy. Our normally very calm, observant boy wouldn’t sit still for a second. As you may also be able to tell, Lenox is expecting a little brother named Lincoln soon after Thanksgiving!

This was the more common scene!
And of course, fun smiles as we’re leaving.
The beautiful “mama”.

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