Lenox – 21 months

I went to Florida for a couple of days last week to see my adorable nephew (and the rest of my family). Lenox is talking up a storm and his “Aunt Jan” is especially cute. 🙂 He seems to enjoy saying my name and would walk around chanting what sounded like AnJanAnJanAnJan. He must feel like his life is a quiz as he’s often asked his name, last name, age, to identify letters of the alphabet (he knows them all and can spell his name) and to count to ten – but it’s just so cute to hear! We had a great time reading LOTS of books, doing puzzles and playing with his latest obsession – lots of little plastic animals, all of which he can identify.
Here are the annual pumpkin patch/costume pictures.

For some reason Lenox has always though it is fun to balance things on his head.

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