Lenox at 16 months

OK, this post is a long time coming and is a little lengthy. As many of you noticed I was in Florida last week and didn’t post any new pictures of Lenox. I was attempting to spend more time with people than my computer, so I didn’t do any image editing while I was gone. So now I’m home and I don’t want to disappoint, so here’s a few of the darling boy. He can do so many things now that I wanted to give you a taste of who he is beyond an adorable face. 🙂 So without further delay, here he is!

As he has his whole life, he still crosses his ankles when he sits.

He was answering e-mail for me – or finding new shortcut keys is more like it. And you should see him scroll with the mouse! He still loves the fish screen saver and when a puzzle or book had fish in it, that would remind him and he’d run to the computer to “count” the fish.

He also loves to help Grandpa with his estimating.
The classic Lenox “I don’t know where it is” look and gesture.
He LOVES Macy and kisses her and lays on her constantly and she is quite patient with him.
He also says “nice” to dogs – I think he’s been told that a few times!
He builds towers and loves to throw balls.
He added the word “ball” to his vocabulary last week.
His other favorite things are books and puzzles.
We spent Memorial weekend at the lake and Friday night the sunset was spectacular!

Not too many skiing pictures this time, but he’s one of Dad Leon and Uncle Lee.
Unfortunately watching bumper tubing makes Lenox cry.
But he did like sailing!
He has a little truck that he can’t steer but he sure knows how to keep his foot on the gas.
Almost running people down is apparently very funny.
Uncle Lee is pushing him on a Tonka truck that was Lee’s toy as a child.
Lenox is also partial to flags and planted this one in the sand.
Bumper tu
bing without being pulled behind the boat must be more his speed.
I love profiles!
“Driving” Grandpa’s tractor is also fun. Actually anything with a steering wheel will work!

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