Lenox’s announcement

I’m back in Virginia now, after a full week of educational and inspirational photography seminars with some of the top wedding photographers in the world! What a privilege to learn from Garrett and Joy Nudd, Jen and Stephen Bebb, Curt Littlecott (and Stephanie), Joe Buissink, and Marcus Bell. Spending several days with Garrett, Joy, Jen, Stephen, Curt and Stephanie was such a treat. They are such fun people – in addition to being amazing photographers. Check out their work if you have time, it’s incredible.

Now that I’m home and baby Lenox is far away in Florida, there won’t be any more pictures of him for a while, sadly. I was waiting to share the announcement I designed until all the family and friends had received theirs in the mail. So, here is is, along with a larger version of one picture which has turned out to be my favorite of all his baby pictures. He’s still cute, just a few pounds heavier than in these pictures! He’s growing fast! At one month, he’s now 13 pounds, 3 ounces and 24 inches long!

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