Lincoln’s Cottage Washington DC Wedding Pictures – Congratulations!

I love an old classic church with beautiful stained glass! Columba’s Episcopal Church in Washington, DC is a place that held many memories for the bride and her family.  The ceremony was personal yet so refreshingly formal.  Reverends Amy and Rose were delightful to work with as was Marti the church coordinator.  Having wonderful people to work with always makes my job so much more enjoyable! 

1006 Lincoln
1008 Lincoln
1011 Lincoln
The bride had her ring with it’s unique shape, made just for her. 
1016 Lincoln
Thank goodness for YouTube and a groomsman who learns quickly and did an expert job with all the green bow ties!  Letting each of the groomsfriends wear their own suits or dress, was tied together (no pun intended) with the matching ties and socks.  
1032 Lincoln
The bride’s sister, who was instrumental in all the wedding planning, was a pro at tying the wedding gown bow. 
1049 Lincoln
3002 Lincoln
3007 Lincoln
3017 Lincoln
And the bridesfriends.  I loved how they had a very traditional and beautiful ceremony, yet didn’t let formality control their day.  They had their friends on their side, regardless of gender, and let the wedding party select their own clothes within the color palette.  Adding wildflower style florals completed the casually coordinated look. 
3023 Lincoln
She wore her mom’s veil and the lace was just perfect against her simple open backed tulle gown. 
3032 Lincoln
3040 Lincoln
Blues and yellows and greens were the wedding colors, all combined in this wildflower bridal bouquet. 
3046 Lincoln
These three ladies had such a bonding time with the wedding planning and made so many memories throughout the process. The bride was completing her PhD and lived several hours away, so really relied on her mom and sister to help with so many details.  
3049 Lincoln
3072 Lincoln
3080 Lincoln
This church has such a pretty little garden for pictures.  Hard to tell it was 100% humidity and everyone was melting!
3084 Lincoln
3093 Lincoln
3094 Lincoln
3103 Lincoln

2042St. Columba

2053St. Columba

The stained glass windows in this church were so beautiful! 

2098St. Columba

2134St. Columba

The Mary Todd room at Lincoln’s Cottage is set aside for the bride.  And seemed to require a formal throw back portrait.

3126 Lincoln
3129 Lincoln
3136 Lincoln
The rain kept the cocktail hour inside the cottage rather than on the lawn.  But the grounds were that vibrant spring great that is so lovely.   And limitless photo locations! 
3144 Lincoln
3149 Lincoln
4015 Lincoln
5022 Lincoln
It’s amazing how much air these fans provide on a super sticky day! 
5024 Lincoln
5032 Lincoln
5060 Lincoln
No one ever said cutting through fondant was easy.  haha! 
5173 Lincoln
The toasts by the bride’s siblings were heartfelt, and funny. 
5188 Lincoln
5197 Lincoln
5210 Lincoln
5216 Lincoln
5242 Lincoln
The tent was beautiful, the setting so historic and meaningful.  I’d so love to photograph another wedding at Lincoln’s Cottage!  Anyone else getting married here??
5293 Lincoln
Who is going to catch the bouquet??
5377 Lincoln
So much fun was had by all ages dancing to the swing band – what a great idea!
5395 Lincoln
Church: St. Columba’s Episcopal Church, Washington, DC

Reception Venue: Lincoln’s Cottage, Washington DC
Caterer: Catering by Seasons (the food was SO good and Stefanie Lowery and all her staff were awesome to work with!)
Cake: M&T Events
Florist: Potomac Petals & Plants
Swing Band: Craig Gildner and the Blue Sky 5
Tent: Sugarplum Tent Company

Photographer: jan michele photography

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