Old Town Alexandria Photographer – Jacob and Noah

Today I’m going to tell a little story about what it’s like to photograph a toddler and more than one child.  I know Jacob and Noah’s parents will enjoy this too since they experienced the same thing. 🙂

Here is Jacob, he’s 7. And if you’ve followed my blog for long you’ve seen him grow up as I’ve photographed him from birth.  (I’ve known his parents for 15 years.) Even as a toddler Jacob was easy to photograph.


Here’s Noah, Jacob’s 15 month old and very busy baby brother.  Isn’t he cute?


And here’s what happens when you try to put them in a picture together:


Because this stick has people to see and places to go and takes Noah with it! 


Finally a smile!


But only because he was poking the stick at the camera!  Which he thinks is quite amusing. 


I think this counts as two children smiling in the same picture…


Just one more smile, Noah. Please? We’ve tried every song, dance, game, naked squeaky chicken, and bubble blowing fish in our bag of tricks. Everyone that walks by thinks we’re crazy.  But I got it! 


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