St. Augustine FL Photographer – Lenox, Lincoln and London

It’s time for a super-long, proud Aunt post!  Lenox, Lincoln and London are growing like weeds, I really can hardly believe how much they’ve changed since the August beach pictures. See for yourself in these photos of the kids taken in St. Augustine, Florida in early January.

Brothers and best friends.

Lincoln has always been HILARIOUS!  We can just stare at each other and crack up. But this is the first time he was really a ham for the camera.  I love capturing his impish personality.

Lenox’s best smiles that day were his more serious. He was not happy to be missing a football game. 

The Princess hardly stood still, she’s a busy girl and there was people watching to do too. Her poses were all her own.

So many caption possibilities!

All Lenox wanted for Christmas was his two front teeth.  One tooth is coming in fast, so his smile will be different again next time I see him.  He’s growing up too fast!

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