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Jacksonville Kids Photography – My Nephews: Lenox & Lincoln

Lincoln has turned into a little boy; his first birthday was last Sunday. He was just a baby last time I saw him in July, not even crawling yet. It is amazing how quickly children change and just reminds me how important it is to take pictures often!I had such a great visit over Thanksgiving […]

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Me with the Nephews

I enjoyed spending the last few weeks visiting my nephews in Florida. They are growing so fast and doing so many cute and fun things! Being the photographer, I rarely am in any pictures, so I made sure my sister took a few of me with the boys last week, even though it was so […]

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Lenox and Lincoln

I went to visit the nephews last week to see how much they had grown. Lincoln is completely different from Lenox, he smiles all the time and rarely stops moving. Don’t let those chubby thighs fool you, he’s 20 pounds of muscle! He’s also quite the talker and will go on and on about his […]

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