Top 4 reasons every couple should have an engagement shoot

1. It’s training for your wedding day. No really, it is!  Working with me, I can give you tips and guidance so you become comfortable in front of the camera.  After seeing the images, you’ll know that you do look great.  It builds trust in me, which makes the wedding day much more fun for us all, and leads to better wedding pictures.  Inevitably the groom always makes a comment on the wedding day that he was glad we did the engagement shoot; he knows what to expect and doesn’t dread seeing me!

2. Every couple needs good pictures capturing their dating days. An engagement shoot is a stress-free shoot that captures your everyday relationship.  These pictures are not restrained by wedding clothes or the wedding day schedule.  It’s a relaxed shoot, showing the essence of who you are as a couple and your love for each other.

3. It’s fun! As the photographer, it’s fun to have time to be creative with you and to get to know you.  For you, it gives you time and permission to enjoy each other and feel like models.  Even the most reluctant of clients always admits the shoot was fun in the end!  And you’ll have great images to show off to friends and family too!

4. It enables me to do my job better. There’s no better way for me as a photographer to get to know you as a couple than to work with you.  After the shoot I know a lot about the dynamics of your relationship and how I can best capture your personalities, while making you look amazing.  And knowing you better makes me even more invested in shooting your wedding to the best of my ability.  I want your day to be captured perfectly!

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