Two tips on choosing the best photographer for your wedding.

There are two keys to making sure that your wedding pictures will bring a smile to your face – now and forever.

First, do you connect to the photographer’s work? If you like what you see, there’s a really good chance you’ll like your pictures.  The way the brain works, pictures not only trigger but become our memories, and you want a photographer who will see your day as you will want to remember it.  A photographer’s work should invoke a positive emotion when you look at it.  If your wedding album looked similar to a sample you see, would you absolutely love it?

Second, do you like the photographer? This is the person that you’ll see the most of on your wedding day, from getting ready though the end of the day.  Your photographer will be watching and close by all day, so it’s really helpful if you enjoy them as a person and trust them.  Not only do photographers bring their own perspective to the wedding day but their own style of shooting as well.  Some are more boisterous, and others are quiet observers.  Choose someone who fits your preferred experience.

It’s easy to get bogged down with prices and packages, but when it comes to photography, it’s really better to go with how you feel first and foremost. Choosing a photographer should be an emotional decision more than a dollars and cents decision.  After all, if you hate your wedding pictures, any good deal is still a waste of money.

The photos are the only tangible thing you have left after the wedding, the one thing that appreciates in value as the years go by.  Don’t make the mistake of underestimating their value to you or future generations. They are worth the investment!

A footnote about referrals.  A referral from a friend usually means that they had a great overall experience working with their photographer and liked their pictures. This certainly gives you confidence that you are considering a competent professional.  And I love nothing more than seeing couples I know at their friend’s weddings, and I do rely on referrals.  But, just because your friend was happy, does not mean their photographer is the right one for you.  The same rules for selecting a photographer apply.

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