Uruguay wrap up

Somehow two weeks flew by and I did eventually arrive back in VA on Saturday. It was sad to leave the Hamilton’s and summer! I didn’t have time to post everything while I was there, so here’s a few more pictures of people and places in Montevideo.

Mr. Lily is a resident of the Winston Churchill Home at the British Hospital. I love this picture of him at tea with all the ladies. Christ Church supports the nursing home and Gail (another member of the team) comes to visit for tea.
In the evenings people come out to enjoy the sunset and drink their mate. The hot water is in the thermos and the leaves in the gourd. It’s drunk with a metal straw with a sieve at the bottom.

This is the Teatro Solis, recently refurbished and beautiful! We went to a jazz concert the second night I was there and also went back for a tour. It is now one of the most modern buildings in terms of accessibility and safety (all things we consider standard for a public building).
Youth For Christ has an effective program in a disadvantaged neighborhood.
On Sunday we went to lunch at a Chinese restaurant for Priscilla’s birthday (Natalie and Vanessa’s friend) with her family who moved to Montevideo from Miami last year.
This is the team: Toni and Matt, Diana, Gail (bottom row), John and Lisa.
The Hamilton’s back yard:
A turtle shares the back yard with the Guinea pigs.
Alexa is starting to show her age and also shares the back yard when she can’t find a way to sneak into the house.
The front of the Hamilton House. This house is in the Punta Gorda neighborhood where all the houses share walls.
Mila the noble guard dog:
Dinnertime at the Hamiltons:
One of the best things about Montevideo is that no two houses are alike! Nearly all the houses have fences for security (this is new in the last 10 years as anything left out will be stolen) and shutters on the windows (usually they roll up) for security and it also helps keep the house dark as everyone stays up late and sleeps in. It rained the last several days straight so I didn’t get as many house pictures as I wanted to, but here’s a sample (taken from the car in the rain):

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