Vizcaya – Miami, FL – Couple Anniversary Portraits

I first visited Vizcaya in Miami when I was down in the Florida Keys to photograph a wedding in October 2019. I was enchanted and it immediately was added to the short list of my favorite places. All that was missing was a couple to photograph in this stunning setting. I couldn’t wait to find a way to return.
When my cousin mentioned that her anniversary trip was to Miami and they planned to hire a photographer (and purchase a permit) for formal pictures at Vizcaya, I jumped at the chance and volunteered to fly down for 24 hours.

You see, she was my first subject when she was a toddler and part of the story of how I fell in love with portrait photography. I’ve photographed her many times and she’s so comfortable in front of the camera it’s easy. I would be able to fully focus on the entire scene. And she chose a beautiful, full, black gown with lots of movement that was fun for spinning, dancing, dipping, and walking.

Her husband is a great sport too – in spite of the fact that it was August and we thought we were going to completely melt into a puddle on this overcast yet super humid and insanely hot day! At least the heat did keep me from wanting to stay the entire day!

To say it was hard to narrow it down to a reasonable number of photos to keep is an understatement. Anyone want to plan a trip to Vizcaya for photos? I’d recommend going during the winter though. 🙂

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