Alayne and Matt

For those of you waiting for more Lenox and Lincoln pictures, I prefer not to edit images from my laptop, so I’m saving most of the editing for January, but I do need to post more pictures of them from the last few weeks soon!
Today I had a fun shoot with Alayne and Matt. They were gracious enough to get dressed up and let me play! Who knew downtown Jacksonville was had so many great picture locations? And the best part is – plenty of street parking, unlike all the places I usually go. And, you can’t beat nearly 80 degrees at the end of December!
I’ll have more images of them soon too, but here’s the last shot of the day. A lot of the images were glamorous or serious; I think it could be said that this one is the jump for joy that we were finally finished. 🙂 Aren’t they cute?!

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