An unplugged wedding? Something to think about!

In the era of digital cameras in every phone, I see two things happening at the same time – our lives are becoming over documented and under experienced.   On a related note, people are taking more pictures than ever, but doing little with them.  A quantity over quality issue.  I have a hunch that many kids will have to check their parent’s Facebook page in order to view pictures from their childhood!

I know from experience that when I have a camera with me (and am not officially working), I am worried about capturing everything and not soaking up the moment.  This may sound strange coming from a photographer, but I intentionally leave my camera at home many times.  Especially when I’m a guest at a wedding.  I know the couple will have a professional photographer taking all the pictures they need.  I want to fully experience and enjoy the day and being camera-less gives me the freedom to do that.

The Offbeat Bride blog had two great posts for couples who want their guests to be fully present at their wedding.  It’s something that you don’t usually think about ahead of time, but as a wedding photographer I certainly notice – especially when I can hardly see the bride coming down the isle with guests hanging out in the isle to take her picture.  So many of my wedding pictures have guest’s hands in the air with a phone or camera, and rather than experiencing the moment, they are staring at the little screen.   The wider images I take that include guests, such as during the ceremony or first dance, should show the intimate moment when everyone is focused on the bride and groom.  But often instead show the disconnect of many guests not participating in what is happening, but focused on their cameras. I think they’d have so much more fun if they didn’t worry about taking their own pictures and just enjoyed the ceremony and celebration with their newly married friends.

While eliminating all cameras from your wedding day, except the professional photographer of course, may not be practical, it’s certainly something to think about!

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