Christmas at My House

While December is flying by just like the rest of 2009, I’ve tried to soak in as much of the beauty of the season as possible! I started with decorating my house. The Burford holly bush outdid itself this year giving me plenty of red berries to adorn the staircase garland. The beautiful capiz shell star ornaments look amazing! A really good friend hand carried them back from the Philippines for me. We looked and looked for them during my visit in December 2006 but couldn’t find them anywhere. Thanks again Sarah, I love them!

I brought back this parol from the Philippines and it’s blinking lights in all kinds of patterns and sequences are mesmerizing (or may give you a headache :)). I’ve also head that the little boys who live across the street from me watch it when they are supposed to be in bed.
And, my beautiful tree! I collect ornaments from my travels and enjoyed seeing them and reliving the memories from Victoria to Moscow.

My mom crocheted all the snowflakes, each of them unique.
On my first trip to Uruguay, celebrating Christmas with ornaments and trees was just becoming popular, so there wasn’t really an ornament to buy. We pondered what else I could use and Lisa came up with the idea to give me an extra key from a replaced door lock that makes a fun and unique ornament.
Here’s a paua shell I found on the beach in New Zealand. Except for huge scallop shells on one beach there were no shells on any beaches we saw. The paua shell is quite common and in the shops they typically polish them so the outside matches the colorful iridescent inside. This one is in it’s natural state.
Here’s an ornament my grandmother made at least 50 years ago.
And, an ornament to remember my Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb!
If you’re in the DC area and like Christmas lights, then a visit to the Collingwood Lights is a must! Bill Vaughan puts on an amazing show every year with a yard full of lights synchronized to Christmas music. Very fun!

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