U.S. Botanic Garden – Christmas Trains

If you haven’t been to the U.S. Botanic Garden this year to see the Christmas trains and fairy land, you really should go! Here’s a picture, or 24, to give you a sampling of the magical land that was created by Paul Busse and his team in Kentucky. Can you pick out which ones recreate childrens stories?
In true botanical style, all the buildings – down to the tiniest details – are primarily natural materials like leaves, seeds, stems, moss, pods, gourds and much more. Such creativity and imagination to design and construct each piece is almost unbelievable.

I love the book worm. And the caterpillar train is too cute!

All the monuments and landmark buildings of DC are on display in the main atrium.

And, a moose is on the loose in the National Garden! Does the day look as frigid in the picture as it was? This moose must have felt right at home.

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