Family Photographer Alexandria VA – The Hamiltons

I often limit my blog to cute babies or sweet couples, but documenting other times and phases of life is important too.  So I wanted to show some of those images today.  “Big” kids still change from year to year as children grow up and these portraits are also family treasures down the road.  Plus, once the children are a bit older family pictures are more fun and less exhausting work for the parents! Even without a baby or toddler, a family photo session is still a great idea!

I’ve known this family since before kids and it’s a joy to catch up with them every couple of years.  If you’ve been following my blog for long you may recognize them from my last trip to Uruguay two and a half years ago.  Here’s the post to show how much the kids have grown.  This is our second official family photo shoot, squeezed into a visit on one of the hottest days of July.  A stop in Old Town Alexandria and a tour of Mt. Vernon provided our backdrops.

Fortunately photos don’t convey heat, it was incredibly humid and sticky. With photography just about any day can look picture perfect, especially when the subjects are as cooperative as this wonderful family.  This is also a great example of a family coordinating their clothes but not all matching.  The print works because there is only one, and the guys shirts compliment the colors in the pattern.  Don’t they look patriotic?

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