Washington DC Child Portrait Photographer – Declan

How cute is Declan with those big blue eyes!? This adorable little boy is about 14 months old and what a busy kid he is!  Fortunately, he’s very serious about playing catch or there would have been no hope of keeping him still long enough for a picture.  It’s so interesting how children are born with certain tendencies, he’s not into cars and trucks, he’s working on his ball game.   As a childrens photographer, every shoot is different, because every child is different.  Thankfully Declan’s parents thought to bring one of his favorite things, which really made his personality shine in these pictures – and kept him still for a few headshots.  Many thanks to them for their hard work keeping him entertained and moving in the right direction!  And I know he’s a boy, but I had to include a picture of his amazing eye lashes at the end.  So sweet!

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