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Happy Birthday Lenox!

Lenox is officially 2 years old today! How the years fly by! It’s amazing how much kids change from ages one to two. Barely walking a year ago, now he repeats everything you say, knows the alphabet, can spell his name and do 35 piece jigsaw puzzles. However, at his party on Saturday he still […]

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Alayne and Matt

For those of you waiting for more Lenox and Lincoln pictures, I prefer not to edit images from my laptop, so I’m saving most of the editing for January, but I do need to post more pictures of them from the last few weeks soon!Today I had a fun shoot with Alayne and Matt. They […]

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Lenox – 21 months

I went to Florida for a couple of days last week to see my adorable nephew (and the rest of my family). Lenox is talking up a storm and his “Aunt Jan” is especially cute. He seems to enjoy saying my name and would walk around chanting what sounded like AnJanAnJanAnJan. He must feel like […]

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