Published – Army Navy Country Club Wedding on Washingtonian

Porter and Kacie have a fairytale wedding story.  They met literally walking down the isle as his brother married her best friend.  Porter instantly knew Kacie was the girl for him and the rest is history, as they say.

Their wedding ceremony was on the balcony of the Army Navy Country Club with the Washington Monument in the background.  So fittingly patriotic for this Marine groom.  And Kacie’s gown was so unique and regal, she was a stunning bride.

Click here to see more of their story and pictures of their beautiful summer wedding from the feature on the Washingtonian.  


Thank you Caroline and the Washingtonian for publishing Kacie and Porter’s wedding!

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Ashburn, VA Newborn Photographer – Samantha

Smiley Samantha is such a sweet, easy-going baby!  I just love photographing the fresh joy that comes with a new baby.  The chubby wrinkles, the tiny fingers, little lips… so precious!  Samantha belongs to a couple whose wedding I photographed, so it’s a special honor to document this next milestone in the life of their family.  Samantha will grow and change quickly, and her little personality will develop, but they will always have these pictures to remember just how tiny she was at the beginning. 

02 Ashburn VA Newborn professional Posed picture
27 Ashburn VA Newborn professional Posed picture
33 Ashburn VA Newborn professional Posed picture
39 Ashburn VA Newborn professional Posed picture
44 Ashburn VA Newborn professional Posed picture
53 Ashburn VA Newborn professional Posed picture
54 Ashburn VA Newborn professional Posed picture
61 Ashburn VA Newborn professional Posed picture

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Washington, DC Professional Headshot Photographer – Polly

I enjoy photographing people and creating a headshot they are proud to show – and that truly represents who they are.  Everyone needs a professional portrait, whether they are looking to move up in the corporate world or simply want a beautiful picture to share with their family.

Most of my headshot clients need a new picture for social media.  After all, their portrait is the face they present to the world and gives the first impression on sites like LinkedIn.

I recently enjoyed seeing Polly again after meeting her last summer at her daughter’s wedding, which I photographed.  She is just as lovely as she looks in her picture.  Cameron Tull, was also on site for hair and makeup.  It’s really nice to have every hair in place and to have makeup freshly applied from a professional hand. It really is the extra polish for a professional look.

More information on my headshot sessions can be found here. 

13Washington DC professional Headshot photographer

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Lorton VA Newborn Photographer – Joshua

After a wedding, a new baby is the most joyful time in the life of a family, and what an honor to be part of documenting with photos such a sweet time!  Baby Josh was a week old and a teensy 6 pounds for his newborn portrait session.  Such a precious, smiley little guy!  I love the picture with his beautiful mama too – he won’t be small enough to hold like that in just a few short weeks!

I’ve also had the privilege of photographing his cousins Savannah and Landon.   All are such adorable babies!

10 Lorton VA Newborn Photographer
13 Lorton VA Newborn Photographer
25 Lorton VA Newborn Photographer
30 Lorton VA Newborn Photographer
34 Lorton VA Newborn Photographer
46 Lorton VA Newborn Photographer
55 Lorton VA Newborn Photographer
60 Lorton VA Newborn Photographer
68 Lorton VA Newborn Photographer
73 Lorton VA Newborn Photographer

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Corporate Headshot Photographer Alexandria, VA – Mary

I consider myself a “people photographer” which means I love capturing special moments for people from their wedding day to their newborn babies – who then grow and change and need to have their sweet faces captured in print.  As part of these portrait sessions I want to show people themselves at their best, preserving special memories for them from that point in time.

A great headshot is an extension of the same idea.  Your best self to show the world, from your company website to social media to your spouse’s desk.  Recently I enjoyed working with Mary on a new headshot for both business and personal use.  Makeup artist, Cameron Tull, and I met Mary at her home in Alexandria and set up a little studio right in her family room.  I also often go to client’s offices if they have space to set up there.  And with some companies I photograph several employees on the same day.  So if you need a new headshot or your company needs to bring a photographer in for new headshots for several people, give me a call (or see more info on headshots here) and I’ll give everyone a portrait they will happily show to the world.  Here is the lovely Mary:

04 Alexandria VA Headshot Photographer
06 Alexandria VA Headshot Photographer

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