Alexandria VA Baby Photographer – Alex

Baby Alex was a little older than my usual freshly born babies, at nearly 8 weeks old.  A newborn style portrait session was certainly a gamble, but he slept like a champ, thankfully!  And at 11.5 pounds he had plenty of adorable baby chub.  Such a beautiful baby boy!

01 Alexandria Baby Picture

12 Alexandria Baby Picture
21 Alexandria Baby Picture
23 Alexandria Baby Picture
27 Alexandria Baby Picture
47 Alexandria Baby Picture
69 Alexandria Baby Picture
71 Alexandria Baby Picture
76 Alexandria Baby Picture

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Washington DC Children’s Photographer – Zoe

I love catching up with my wedding clients to photograph their children’s stages and growth.  I’ve been waiting to get Zoe in front of my camera for months – well really since I first met her when she was 3 weeks old.  I knew this beautiful baby needed her own portrait session.  You may remember what a gorgeous baby she was watching every moment of her parent’s wedding ceremony last August at 3 months old.  It was precious!
At 14 months old, isn’t Zoe the most adorable thing?! She’s just learning to walk and very serious about practicing.   I’m glad we caught her before she gets any faster! 

05 - Washington DC Child Photographer
11 - Washington DC Child Photographer
19 - Washington DC Child Photographer
27 - Washington DC Child Photographer
34 - Washington DC Child Photographer
39 - Washington DC Child Photographer
56 - Washington DC Child Photographer
58 - Washington DC Child Photographer
78 - Washington DC Child Photographer
before and after

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Washington DC Baby Photographer – Michael

I so LOVE photographing the babies of my wedding clients!  It’s such a joy to see their families grow.  Michael belongs to Rob and Michele and he’s such a peaceful baby and so handsome!  He does have a distinct preference for being swaddled and on his back – it’s so much fun to see how their little personalities are already showing at birth.  He was over a week early but still over 9 pounds and came with these adorable chubby cheeks! 

17 Washington DC Newborn Photographer
23 Washington DC Newborn Photographer
37 Washington DC Newborn Photographer
50 Washington DC Newborn Photographer
56 Washington DC Newborn Photographer
57 Washington DC Newborn Photographer
67 Washington DC Newborn Photographer
72 Washington DC Newborn Photographer
73 Washington DC Newborn Photographer
before and after

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