Cherry Blossom Art – Photography in Washington DC

I’ve had several requests for my Washington, DC cherry blossom pictures as framed art. You can find a gallery of my photos and art by going to the client proofs tab above and entering the passcode: ArtbyJan
Prints, framed prints, canvas, art papers, etc. are available.  I’m also happy to suggest what will look best for the space you want to decorate.

P.S. Sadly, many of the trees in these pictures aren’t there any more. Deteriorating conditions at the tidal basin (flooding which is washing away the dirt around the roots), too much foot traffic on the roots and packing the dirt, plus people climbing the trees, and just the age of the trees, has taken it’s toll and each spring fewer of the beautiful gnarled trunks are there.

Note: Cherry blossom photography from between 2005 and 2017 and includes trees on the Tidal Basin, Haines Point and near the Capitol.  They feature the oldest gnarled trunks, the Jefferson Memorial, Tidal Basin and Washington Monument.

The images featured below can be purchased as regular photographs or with the painter effect, as shown below.

Cherry Blossoms Paint 01
Cherry Blossoms Paint 02
Cherry Blossoms Paint 05
Cherry Blossoms Paint 06

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Washington DC Maternity Pictures with Spring Flowers

So, a warm February turned into a frigid March, and the cherry blossoms are on hold, but Alayne and Matt flew up from Florida for maternity pictures anyway (and today they are enjoying a snowy DC, for a springtime twist).  And I’m so glad they did!  I think their pictures turned out even better than we planned!  And thankfully the tulip trees were just beginning to blossom which worked beautifully with Alayne’s plum gown.  You can find hers and lots more gorgeous maternity dresses for portraits here.  I’ve so enjoyed photographing Alayne and Matt over the years and now their growing family with baby #2 due in June.  Can’t wait to meet him or her, and take more adorable newborn pictures!  But first, how stunning is this gorgeous mama?!

006 Washington DC Maternity Photo
013 Washington DC Maternity Photo
016 Washington DC Maternity Photo
023 Washington DC Maternity Photo
042 Washington DC Maternity Photo
047 Washington DC Maternity Photo
054 Washington DC Maternity Photo
062 Washington DC Maternity Photo
068 Washington DC Maternity Photo
086 Washington DC Maternity Photo
089 Washington DC Maternity Photo
095 Washington DC Maternity Photo
106 Washington DC Maternity Photo
112 Washington DC Maternity Photo
116 Washington DC Maternity Photo
117 Washington DC Maternity Photo
122 Washington DC Maternity Photo
127 Washington DC Maternity Photo
132 Washington DC Maternity Photo
135 Washington DC Maternity Photo
139 Washington DC Maternity Photo
140 Washington DC Maternity Photo
151 Washington DC Maternity Photo
157 Washington DC Maternity Photo
161 Washington DC Maternity Photo
164 Washington DC Maternity Photo
167 Washington DC Maternity Photo

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Dallas Arboretum Family Photos – Dallas, TX Photographer

Recognize Jacob?  Probably not Noah as he wasn’t even 2 last time I photographed him.  After leaving Washington, DC these good friends let a little time lapse in their regular family photo schedule.  We won’t talk about the picture of Noah at about 7 months old on their mantle at their new house…. So we couldn’t let any more time go by without capturing Noah’s expressive personality at newly 5 years old, and Jacob before he ventures into the teenage years.  Even if it meant traveling to Dallas, TX again to make it happen.  After photographing another family who moved from VA to TX last summer at the Dallas Arboretum last fall, it may just be my new favorite location for family pictures.  With 500,000 bulbs planted for the spring, the flowers were just stunning!   It was so much fun catching up with this family, who are dear friends, as well as feeling I’ve done my job in documenting this time in their lives before another year slips by.  Sweet family and beautiful gardens below: 

003 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo
006 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo
007 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo
010 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo
020 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo
022 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo
030 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo
031 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo
040 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo
Hello to you too, Noah!  He couldn’t resist waving at the camera.  I think he liked showing off for the camera just a tad.:) 
047 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo
057 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo
065 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo
071 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo
074 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo
084 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo
099 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo
109 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo
121 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo
132 Dallas Arboretum Family Photo

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Northern Virginia Headshots for Theater Auditions

This year I’ve been busy with headshots.  Corporate headshots where I bring the backdrop and lights to the office for professionals, and more relaxed outdoor portraits to show a little more personality.

I’ve been photographing Kiana since before she was born, and it’s been such a joy to keep up with her family over the years with regular family photos.  She’s fallen in love with theater, and singing parts in particular, and needed an updated headshot for an audition in NYC.  It was a chilly, WINDY day, in Alexandria, but she’s a professional so we were able to take many great shots quickly – so fun!  These were her favorite pictures from her recent portrait session.  Good luck Kiana!

01 headshot theater child
02 headshot theater child
08 headshot theater child
10 headshot theater child
11 headshot theater child
13 headshot theater child

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Arlington VA 8th Grade Portrait

The years fly by and milestones are reached so fast with kids.  Even if you take pictures regularly, they change quickly and photos are soon out of date – treasured memories, but not current representations.  Benjamin needed a portrait for his 8th Grade year book.  Something to show who is now, already 6 feet tall, and looking toward high school.   It was fun for me, but I think a little sobering for his mom to see how mature he looks, to capture a few portraits around his home on a chilly winter day.   Congrats on your 8th grade graduation Benjamin! 

03Arlington teen headshot
19Arlington teen headshot
23Arlington teen headshot
27Arlington teen headshot

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