Alexandria VA Senior Photos – Peter

I won’t tell you that Peter mom and I have been friends since before we were born as that would make me feel old.  Peter is in the midst of the college application and selection process which is so hard to believe.  He took some time out for his senior pictures in Alexandria, VA.  We had a great time strolling around Old Town and even stopped for ice cream.  Have a great senior year Peter! 

03 Alexandria VA Senior Photographer
11 Alexandria VA Senior Photographer

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Senior Twin Sisters in Raleigh, NC – Catherine and Maddie

Three evenings of senior photos on super hot summer days.  But so fun to photograph these twin sisters I’ve known since before they were born!  Their parents and I went to college together.   We started with pictures in the sunflower field in Raleigh, NC.  What a pretty (and busy) location! The next day, I found a fun places for pictures nearer their home.  Some really great spots with good color and texture – and small town America is so different from where I usually work in the Washington DC, area.  A refreshing change – no traffic or crowds! And we finished with pictures to remember some of the high school sports they’ve enjoyed competing in at their charter school.   I’ve photographed them over the years, but this shoot was extra fun and special – and so hard to believe these beautiful girls are all grown up! 

026 Senior Photo
058 Senior Photo
069 Senior Photo
081 Senior Photo
087 Senior Photo
089 Senior Photo
095 Senior Photo
108 Senior Photo
117 Senior Photo
120 Senior Photo
128 Senior Photo
134 Senior Photo
150 Senior Photo
153 Senior Photo
164 Senior Photo
173 Senior Photo
183 Senior Photo
187 Senior Photo
191 Senior Photo
195 Senior Photo
200 Senior Photo
205 Senior Photo
216 Senior Photo
233 Senior Photo

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Old Town Alexandria VA Family Photographer

This family were troopers for their family pictures!  It was early, hot and humid this summer morning in Old Town Alexandria, VA, hard conditions on subjects and photographers!  Two of these three siblings are twins, can you guess which two?  Fun colors in their coordinating clothing which complements the Alexandria location too.  So nice to work with you W family, enjoy your summer! 


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Georgetown Washington DC Family Photographer

It had been many years since I’ve photographed these kids and boy did they grow up in the meantime!  It was wonderful to work with them again and capture their tween/teen years with a few fun sibling pictures.  Georgetown in Washington DC provides a great variety of backgrounds for pictures.  Have a great summer you two! 


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