Alexandria Family Photographer – Brothers

When you photograph children as newborns, it’s always a delight to photograph them again as they grow and to see their personalities develop. These brothers are the cutest, but toddlers are not always the most predictable! What we do know is younger brother loves his lawn mower. So much so it was either include it or not include him! hah! But part of photography and regular family photos is capturing a slice of what life looks like right now. And at this phase, the lawn mower is VERY important!

Big brother is in that fun stage, at newly 6 years old, when they are usually cooperative and collaborative and start having ideas about poses and picture spots and are engaged, in a great way, in the session. Adorable!

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Sully Historic Site – Fairfax County Senior Photographer

Some of my clients have been with me since nearly the beginning and this is one. I photographed this family for the first time when little sister Kiana was on the way. A maternity shoot with Brennan and mom. And now we’re catching Brennan at the tail end of his Senior year in high school! Congrats Brennan and best wishes for your next adventures!
I so admire that mom is always in some of the pictures each photo session, even when it’s mainly for the kids. She will never regret having photos with her kids and they will always treasure them too!
I love the spring green that comes in May in northern Virginia. And Sully Historic site in Fairfax, is a great spot for photos – in the evening you can have it to yourself (with a Fairfax County permit), which is so nice. Beautiful fences, log cabins, stone buildings, greenery, and scattered spring flowers.

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Fairfax Newborn Photography – Baby Alex

Four brothers – what fun! These boys are going to have a blast growing up close in age (and their parents are pretty fun too!) The older brothers were so helpful and cooperative, I love when we can include the older siblings in the photo session and create pictures showing the excitement of having a new baby in the family. And baby Alex is a cutie with the best hair!

It’s best to catch newborns for pictures in their first two weeks when they are still small and sleepy. So most clients contact me before the birth, so we can plan ahead with the details and then once the baby arrives we can set a date for the session, held in your home. All the details on newborn sessions can be found HERE.

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Washington DC Fall Family Photos

Returning to the location of their engagement photos many years ago – this couple now has three girls making up their family of five. The two younger girls are twins . Coordinating for the family, they choose for everyone to wear navy and denim. Blue is always a good choice and tends to look good on everyone. It also is great contrast against the colors of the fall leaves. This brilliant yellow ginko tree was sadly cut down since this first photo. You never know when you’ve captured something that becomes history. The National Cathedral in Washington DC is a beautiful location any time of year, and holds special memories for this family.

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River Farm Fall Family Photos

I’ve been photographing these cuties since they were born!  Love their matching sister dresses, and the coordinating colors for all the outfits.  Deciding what to wear is always a challenge with family photos.

River Farm is beautiful, any time of year, but was especially nice this fall when we could have the place to ourselves!  (It’s available for a photo session fee during business hours.)  The lovely gardens, the view of the Potomac River, and history, like the old White House gates, make River Farm a treasured spot!  In the first picture the kids are sitting under and on a log from an Osage Orange tree that may have been a gift from Thomas Jefferson to George Washington.   It’s certainly old enough and the land was once owned by George Washington.

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