Washington, DC Newborn Photographer – David

What a sweet addition to this family of boys!  Newborn baby brother will have a blast growing up with two older brothers to keep him entertained.  David is the most pleasant baby!  He didn’t sleep much, but calmly looked around with hardly a whimper all day.  He seems to know he’s joined a busy Washington DC family and it’s best to go with the flow!
I’ve so enjoyed keeping up with this family over the years, starting as their wedding photographer. It’s been such an honor to document their family as it’s expanded and as the kids have grown.  I love seeing pictures on their walls from all their family photo sessions!  And seeing the whole family enjoy the photo albums from the wedding and the other boy’s newborn photo sessions.  Precious days that are flying by, but the memories captured in pictures always take us right back and make us smile! 

03 jan michele photography newborn picture
11 jan michele photography newborn picture
16 jan michele photography newborn picture
19 jan michele photography newborn picture
20 jan michele photography newborn picture
30 jan michele photography newborn picture
44 jan michele photography newborn picture
58_1 jan michele photography newborn picture
62 jan michele photography newborn picture
71 jan michele photography newborn picture
82 jan michele photography newborn picture
85 jan michele photography newborn picture
91 jan michele photography newborn picture
95 jan michele photography newborn picture
96 jan michele photography newborn picture

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Washington DC Family Photographer

What fun to see this family again!  Remember the cold, windy, but oh so sweet wedding day with mountain views last October?  Today we had the prefect summer day for family pictures in Washington, DC.  This family has blended beautifully and it was a joy to capture them all together!  Sons, daughters, siblings.  Lots of love to go around!

I so appreciate when it’s important to a mom to have regular family pictures taken – I know it takes a lot of effort – and sometimes months to find a date with busy schedules – but it’s so worth it!  And I know these pictures will become even more precious to them as the years go by.

002 Washington DC Family Photographer
014 Washington DC Family Photographer
026 Washington DC Family Photographer
029 Washington DC Family Photographer
033 Washington DC Family Photographer
034 Washington DC Family Photographer
040 Washington DC Family Photographer
045 Washington DC Family Photographer
047 Washington DC Family Photographer
057 Washington DC Family Photographer
067 Washington DC Family Photographer
069 Washington DC Family Photographer
074 Washington DC Family Photographer
081 Washington DC Family Photographer
083 Washington DC Family Photographer
088 Washington DC Family Photographer
093 Washington DC Family Photographer
096 Washington DC Family Photographer
100 Washington DC Family Photographer
101 Washington DC Family Photographer
104 Washington DC Family Photographer
109 Washington DC Family Photographer
110 Washington DC Family Photographer
111 Washington DC Family Photographer

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Alexandria, VA Newborn Photographer – Jaxson

Have you ever seen anything more precious than the photos of these two brothers?  Big brother has just turned 4 and he was so gentle in holding his baby brother!  You may remember them from a May Washington DC maternity shoot.  Alex didn’t quite remember me from his newborn or toddler photo session, so it really helped that we could get reacquainted and he was excited to have me come to their home in Alexandria VA for his baby brother’s newborn photos.  Always love seeing this sweet family and am so happy they’ve added another beautiful, smily, baby boy to their family! Welcome Jaxson!

03 Arlington VA newborn photographer
07 Arlington VA newborn photographer
13 Arlington VA newborn photographer
Gorgeous new mama of two! 
18 Arlington VA newborn photographer
34 Arlington VA newborn photographer
41 Arlington VA newborn photographer
43 Arlington VA newborn photographer
He is a smily baby! 
46 Arlington VA newborn photographer
50 Arlington VA newborn photographer
As seems to be the case so many times, after his lunch break he decided he’d stay awake for while to see what’s going on.  Makes for beautiful pictures of gorgeous eyes, but also takes hours of baby watching before we can move on to more posed pictures.  Sometimes it’s a slow process, it’s a baby led day, but it’s ALWAYS worth it for theses sweet pictures! 
54 Arlington VA newborn photographer
60 Arlington VA newborn photographer
Aren’t these knitted baby overalls so adorable on him!?
65 Arlington VA newborn photographer
Sweet baby smiles!  
74 Arlington VA newborn photographer

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Ft. Myer, Old Post Chapel, Arlington VA – Wedding Pictures

What a joy to capture the joining of two families at Ft. Myer’s Old Post Chapel in Arlington, VA.  A close circle of family and friends celebrated this wedding day and all joined in the pictures!  It was a picture perfect day, filled with love and renewed commitment to family. Old Post Chapel is such a lovely backdrop for making memories for this military family.   Congratulations to your family and thank you for the honor of photographing this meaningful day!

1019 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
1020 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
1022 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
1029 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
1040 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
1051 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
1052 Ft Myer Wedding Picture

1060 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
1064 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
A prayer for joining of the two families, the kids were all involved in some way in the ceremony. 
1066 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
The groom’s daughter sang to the new couple. 
1070 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
Husband and wife! 
1095 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
Hugs all around as the new family celebrates. 
1107 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
2005 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
The advantage of a small guest list is everyone can be in the group photos! 
2007 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
3004 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
These wedding bouquets by James Cox were just stunning!  The colors were so vibrant and fresh!
3027 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
3036 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
3041 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
3043 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
3051 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
3059 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
3066 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
3079 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
3085 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
4002 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
4016 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
4025 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
The view of Washington DC from Whipple Field on Ft. Myer is simply the best! 
4030 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
4036 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
4044 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
4052 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
4069 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
4078 Ft Myer Wedding Picture
wedding guests Washington DC Ft Myer Wedding Picture

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Fairfax Newborn Photographer – Baby Ryan

Baby boy #3 joins these two big brothers! I LOVE photographing a family as it grows! It’s hard to believe how big these brothers are, seems like their newborn photos were just a bit ago!  Such lucky boys to grow up with built in buddies!  Baby Ryan was so sweet to go with the flow, he already seems to know he’s got a lot going on around him and that’s OK.  He’ll be joining the fun soon!

099 Fairfax Virginia Newborn Photo
How adorable is this picture of Ryan in a large Tonka dump truck!  Just the cutest!  Two dump trucks were bribes for the bigger boys to be in the pictures.  🙂 
093 Fairfax Virginia Newborn Photo
On a rainy day in Fairfax, VA, the rain held off and it was cool enough to take the baby outside.  Love that we had this option on a summer day! 
089 Fairfax Virginia Newborn Photo
088 Fairfax Virginia Newborn Photo
It never fails that a newborn has their longest awake time of their life on their picture day.  They just don’t want to miss out!  But it does mean pretty eye pictures! 
075 Fairfax Virginia Newborn Photo
And sweet baby smiles!
065 Fairfax Virginia Newborn Photo
044 Fairfax Virginia Newborn Photo
040 Fairfax Virginia Newborn Photo
030 Fairfax Virginia Newborn Photo
012 Fairfax Virginia Newborn Photo
011 Fairfax Virginia Newborn Photo
This big brother is so caring and doting, he was my assistant most of the day. And always checking on everything to make sure no one needed anything.  What a dear heart he has! And what a special picture that he’ll treasure! 
003 Fairfax Virginia Newborn Photo

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