Fairfax VA Family Photographer – Brothers at Green Spring Garden

I’ve been photographing these two boys since they were babies and it warms my heart that they always remember their fall family photo session as fun.  They are growing up before our eyes as they turn into tweens.  This year we explored Green Spring Gardens, a Fairfax County park, for our scenic photo backdrop.  I sure hope these handsome boys always look forward to taking family pictures!

09Fairfax VA Kids photo
22 - 2019Fairfax VA Kids photo
26 - 2019Fairfax VA Kids photo
31 - 2019Fairfax VA Kids photo
33 - 2019Fairfax VA Kids photo
43Fairfax VA Kids photo

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Family Christmas photos – Washington DC photographer

I loved the colors this family chose to wear for Christmas photos in Washington DC this year.  So elegant!  And a nice break from red! Wine colored velvet blazers for the boys and pants for dad, and a berry colored sweater for mom. And I’m always a fan of navy too, such a nice pairing of colors for classic family pictures.  It was fun to catch up with them all.  I always enjoy seeing the same photography clients year after year!

01Washington DC family photo
11Washington DC family photo
26Washington DC family photo
32Washington DC family photo
36Washington DC family photo
38Washington DC family photo
52Washington DC family photo
57Washington DC family photo
65Washington DC family photo
66Washington DC family photo

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Washington DC Family Photographer – Fall Photos

Cooler weather and changing leaves, make the fall a great time to update family photos in the Washington, DC area.  There are so many pretty places for pictures!  Even with teenagers, they still are growing and changing, and family pictures are so important now and for future posterity.  You’ll never regret having pictures with your kids, but you may regret it if you don’t!

09 Washington DC Family photo
10 Washington DC Family photo
11 Washington DC Family photo
19 Washington DC Family photo
45 Washington DC Family photo
56 Washington DC Family photo
59 Washington DC Family photo
063 Washington DC Family photo
66 Washington DC Family photo
67 Washington DC Family photo

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Family photos – Old Town Alexandria, VA

How cute is this family of 3 sisters + plus a 4th sister, Millie the Basset Hound?!  Photographing girls is always a treat, as they generally are much more agreeable to the process.  Though being 3 still makes for a limited attention span.  But that’s OK.   We still captured plenty of sweet smiles and cute sister moments.  Plus pictures of the whole family of 6, on this lovely fall day in Alexandria, VA . 

03 Old Town Alexandria family picture
08 Old Town Alexandria family picture
10 Old Town Alexandria family picture
11 Old Town Alexandria family picture
13 Old Town Alexandria family picture
15 Old Town Alexandria family picture
20 Old Town Alexandria family picture
22 Old Town Alexandria family picture
24 Old Town Alexandria family picture
39 Old Town Alexandria family picture
47 Old Town Alexandria family picture
50 Old Town Alexandria family picture

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River Farm Alexandria VA Wedding photos – Congratulations Mary and Loay!

On a picture perfect fall day (seriously the weather is rarely this perfect!) Mary and Loay were married at St. Louis Catholic Church in Alexandria with a lovely tented wedding reception in the gardens at River Farm.  River Farm is my favorite wedding venue!  It’s just gorgeous for pictures, any time of the year!  Mary loves the fall, so I’m glad she had lovely weather!

The lanterns overflowing with flowers as centerpieces, and rose gold themed table settings was a soft color combination that was so pretty in the garden setting, under the crystal chandeliers in the tent.   Garden portraits with the historic osage orange tree, a sunset silhouette, sweet toasts, two types of traditional first dances.  A good time celebrating this newly married couple was had by all.  Congratulations you two!

2034 River Farm Wedding picture

3018 River Farm Wedding picture

3072 River Farm Wedding picture

3094 River Farm Wedding picture

4023 River Farm Wedding picture

4038 River Farm Wedding picture

4031 River Farm Wedding picture

4044 River Farm Wedding picture

4053 River Farm Wedding picture

4065 River Farm Wedding picture
4093 River Farm Wedding picture


5012 River Farm Wedding picture

5015 River Farm Wedding picture

5017 River Farm Wedding picture

5024 River Farm Wedding picture


2002 River Farm Wedding picture
5026 River Farm Wedding picture

5032 River Farm Wedding picture

5038 River Farm Wedding picture

5139 River Farm Wedding picture

5207 River Farm Wedding picture

5217 River Farm Wedding picture

5218 River Farm Wedding picture

Reception Venue: River Farm, Alexandria VA
Photographer: jan michele photography

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