Washington DC Engagement Photographer

This couple has something special and it shows in how they treat each other, but also captured in how they look at each other.  I’m so glad they have these feelings captured in their engagement photos.  They live out of state but came to Washington, DC for their spring engagement pictures and will have their wedding in Arlington, VA in the fall.  We had beautiful light in the garden, which a photographer always needs and appreciates!,  and Emily’s fuchsia off the shoulder blouse was so vibrant and cheerful agains the greens and the stone.

030 Washington DC Engagement Photo
038 Washington DC Engagement Photo
044 Washington DC Engagement Photo
052 Washington DC Engagement Photo
055 Washington DC Engagement Photo
058 Washington DC Engagement Photo
067 Washington DC Engagement Photo
070 Washington DC Engagement Photo
114 Washington DC Engagement Photo
117 Washington DC Engagement Photo
129 Washington DC Engagement Photo
132 Washington DC Engagement Photo
133 Washington DC Engagement Photo
135 Washington DC Engagement Photo
138 Washington DC Engagement Photo
139 Washington DC Engagement Photo

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Old Town Engagement Photos

Engagement sessions are so fun!  A relaxed time to get to know a couple, give them a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera and most of all capture this sweet and special stage of their relationship!  Old Town Alexandria makes for a beautiful backdrop with lots of color and texture.  This couple is so great together and I know their wedding next year will be a fun filled affair!

014.jpgEngagement Photos Alexandria VA
029.jpgEngagement Photos Alexandria VA
035.jpgEngagement Photos Alexandria VA
054.jpgEngagement Photos Alexandria VA
058.jpgEngagement Photos Alexandria VA
060.jpgEngagement Photos Alexandria VA
065.jpgEngagement Photos Alexandria VA
075.jpgEngagement Photos Alexandria VA
077.jpgEngagement Photos Alexandria VA
082.jpgEngagement Photos Alexandria VA
086.jpgEngagement Photos Alexandria VA
094.jpgEngagement Photos Alexandria VA
101.jpgEngagement Photos Alexandria VA
109.jpgEngagement Photos Alexandria VA

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Newborn Baby Matthew – Fairfax County Baby Photographer

Sweet new baby Matt and big brother Josh are already football fans.    Josh wasn’t too sure about having his picture taken, but Matt slept like a champ for so many cute newborn poses for his first pictures.   I love seeing how tiny he is in his daddy’s hands!  They are only little for such a short time, these pictures are priceless family treasures. 

007newborn baby boy
022newborn baby boy
040newborn baby boy
046newborn baby boy
059newborn baby boy
062newborn baby boy
064newborn baby boy
065newborn baby boy
075newborn baby boy
083newborn baby boy
088newborn baby boy

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Author Headshots – Arlington, VA

Carol has published her first book, so exciting!  But she needed headshots for the website, author’s picture and promotional materials.   Working with makeup artist and hairstylist Cameron Tull, we were able to collaborate to create portraits that coordinated with her personality and the book theme.  We used her home and neighborhood in Arlington, VA as the background for these casual, yet professional, head shots.  

42.jpgAuthor professional headshot DC
48 BW.jpgAuthor professional headshot DC
53.jpgAuthor professional headshot DC
59.jpgAuthor professional headshot DC

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