Newborn Photos Bristow, VA – Nora

What beautiful sisters! It’s been a joy to photograph this family from their engagement shoot to now a family of 4. Sweet little Nora joins big sister Alivia in this photogenic family.  Nora was a great sleeper for her first photoshoot, making for so many fun props and poses.  And so calm even when awake.  I love that we were able to get some Christmasy pictures for this holiday baby.  

003Louden Country VA Newborn Photographer
008Louden Country VA Newborn Photographer
013Louden Country VA Newborn Photographer
022Louden Country VA Newborn Photographer
031Louden Country VA Newborn Photographer
043 doneLouden Country VA Newborn Photographer
059Louden Country VA Newborn Photographer
061Louden Country VA Newborn Photographer
068Louden Country VA Newborn Photographer
071Louden Country VA Newborn Photographer
077Louden Country VA Newborn Photographer
081Louden Country VA Newborn Photographer
095Louden Country VA Newborn Photographer
100Louden Country VA Newborn Photographer
101Louden Country VA Newborn Photographer
104Louden Country VA Newborn Photographer
107Louden Country VA Newborn Photographer

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Washington DC Engagement Photos – Jeannine and Tom

We had a great time, enjoying the gardens and the views of the sunset over the Potomac River, during Jeannine and Tom’s engagement shoot in Washington, DC.  A warmer than normal fall day at the end of October was perfect for enjoying the photography process, just a tad warm for their planned sweaters.  The autumn color was late this year with a few trees still hanging on to their leaves even now, though it’s quite chilly.  So glad we were able to capture this special season of engagement for Jeannine and Tom and give them some great memories of this time in their lives.

01 Washington DC Engagement Photographer
18 Washington DC Engagement Photographer
20 Washington DC Engagement Photographer
34 Washington DC Engagement Photographer
36 Washington DC Engagement Photographer
44 Washington DC Engagement Photographer
47 Washington DC Engagement Photographer
55 Washington DC Engagement Photographer
65 Washington DC Engagement Photographer
70 Washington DC Engagement Photographer
81 Washington DC Engagement Photographer
91 Washington DC Engagement Photographer
97 Washington DC Engagement Photographer

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Washington DC Family Photos

I always love catching up with this sweet family and creating new family photographs!  The kids have grown so much in a year and a half!  Aren’t they adorable?  We had a great time playing in the gardens and trying to be funny enough to warrant smiles.  

006Washington DC Family Photo
016Washington DC Family Photo
030Washington DC Family Photo
053Washington DC Family Photo
055Washington DC Family Photo
061Washington DC Family Photo
069Washington DC Family Photo
089Washington DC Family Photo
095Washington DC Family Photo
101Washington DC Family Photo
108Washington DC Family Photo
112Washington DC Family Photo
114Washington DC Family Photo
124Washington DC Family Photo
134Washington DC Family Photo
139Washington DC Family Photo

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Belmont Country Club Wedding – Congratulations Katie and Tommy!

Belmont Country Club is a beautiful place for a wedding. no matter the weather.  This October day did not turn sunny as forecasted so the misty overcast day felt more like London, which was fine with the groom and his affinity for British things.  We were able to do the first look and portraits outdoors which made us all happy, but to be safe, the ceremony was set up inside the ballroom.  Katie is such a classic beauty and looked so elegant.  Her hairpiece was her mothers.  But most of all we’re glad the groom had pants. Though I don’t think it would have bothered him to get married in his jeans.  However, the mini-crisis was adverted and the tux pants did arrive in time to see his bride for the first look.  There was a lot of love and support for this couple and happy memories made by all.

1048Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
1056Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
1065Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
1090Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
2009Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
2050Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
The next three pictures are from the “first look”. 
3010Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
3016Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
3018Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
3048Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
3067Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
3068Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
An overcast and misty October day moved the ceremony into the ballroom.
4054Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
How special is this?! GreatGrandmother, Grandparent and parents, all on the front row. 
4059Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
4091Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
The groom’s sister made wedding favors from recycled bicycle chains. Star Christmas tree ornaments packaged in cute bicycle boxes.
6037Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
Biking is something they enjoy together so there was a bicycle themed cake topper. 
6047Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
6058Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
6100Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
6116Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
6166Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture

6183Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture

Many tears during the ceremony and super sweet parent dances. 

6192Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture

It was a bit misty most of the day.

3071Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture

6431Belmont Country Club Wedding Picture
Venue and Caterer: Belmont Country Club, Ashburn, VA
Photographer: jan michele photography
Cake: Cake Divas
Florist: Karin’s Florist


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